Facebook & Instagram Advertising

If you’re looking to acquire new customers and multiply your profits, you need to be on the platforms that generate the best ROI. Millions of Facebook and Instagram users interact with businesses on a daily basis. Do your ads stand out?

No matter what stage your business is in, we’ve seen the power of Facebook again and again. At Salvo Media we understand that for our clients to be successful we cannot rely solely on media buying. Our effective media buyers are constantly analyzing, strategizing and optimizing all parts of your business to obtain optimum results before scaling your business.

We were getting so many purchases I had to purchase more equipment to keep up with demand. Over the course of a year we tripled the number of employees.

Tance Hughes, CEO of Southern Designs

Our Process To Success

  1. Analyze Trends And Strategies That Convert
  2. Create and Execute on Creative Concepts
  3. Test and Scale Performing Audiences
  4. Eliminate Pain Points on Website
  5. Ramp Up And Repeat!

Each year the competition on social media platforms becomes more fierce. As a result we’ve evolved from the standard media buying agency, we go beyond the funnel and into other aspects of your business. We don’t simply look at results week to week, we’ve helped businesses grow their revenue, get acquired, or and multiply in size.
As the Facebook algorithm continues to evolve, our growth marketers ensure that your campaigns are not just utilizing best practices but strategize on how to catapult your business further.

The Sales Funnel

Introduce your brand to a new audiences. Find people similar to your top customers with lookalike targeting, or use customer persona and customer journey to build audience profiles using contextual and demographic criteria.

Bring potential customers back to your site with unique and personalized ads. Earn their trust with different messaging and further educating them on your products/services.

Re-engage your customers with timely, useful offers. Personalize their experience and lead them to become brand advocates.

Upsell and cross-sell to increase lifetime value (LTV) of your customers. Use this data to improve the accuracy of your lookalike audiences by going after those that resemble your top paying customers.

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